Life List

My hiking/adventure lift list

  • Padre Island through hike
  • Climb Kilimanjaro
  • Multiday trip to Denali
  • Climb Colorado’s 14ers
  • Skydive (solo jump)
  • Muir Trail
  • Colorado Trail
  • Himalayan multiday trek (Langtang Valley?)
  • Zion/Narrows multiday trek
  • Guadalupe Peak multiday trek
  • Two week Patagonia trek/trip (Easter Island included)
  • Machu Pichu multiday trek
  • Northern Lights night hike
  • Become completely fluent in Spanish
  • 1 Week Grand Canyon North Rim trek
  • Multiday Bugaboo hike
  • Ride Whistler (MTB)
  • Multiday Tatoosh/Rainier
  • Goat/Llama packing multiday
  • Columbia River George Multiday
  • Hike Swiss Alps (somewhere)
  • Get to the top of Half Dome
  • Cliff dive
  • Rapel into cavern system
  • Buckskin gulch multiday
  • Multiday Moab (MTB) hut-to-hut trip
  • Trail work project
  • Charity hikes
  • Mule Canyon UT
  • Presi Traverse NH (Mt. Washington if I punt)
  • Sleep in snow cave on multiday
  • Cross a glacier
  • Multiday across New Zealand (Ivory Lake Hut)
  • Overnight Mt. Baker Three Fingers Lookout
  • Finish CMCs Basic and Intermediate Mountaineering Certs
  • √ Night hike across Great Sand Dunes (ascend Star and High Dunes)
  • √ West Coast Trail
  • Join search and rescue team
  • Bike the Monarch Crest Trail
  • Pacific Crest Trail
  • Appalachian Trail (at least a few hundred miles from the North)
  • Sea Kayak the Sea of Cortez
  • Kayak the Umpqua River

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