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It has been a while since I have written anything. In addition to work, working out, and the wonderful Afghanistan night life, I have been spending time exercising the demons of a creative bug I have recently been bitten by. It may be a genetic thing as I have bared witness to my father, grandfather, and two sisters past sufferings with the same issue. In short, I feel I have too many ideas and not enough time to chase them. Presently I have about 12 projects queued up and prioritizing or completing any of them is practically impossible since I prefer things to be organized in a linear stack, and since I am rarely happy with the current state of a project and thus never consider it to be complete. In a way I suppose I should be grateful that I am not more artistically gifted since I would likely never get anything done. Be that as it may, I am putting forth an honest effort to put my ideas, no matter how insignificant, to work. I must periodically remind myself the pursuit of expression is just as important and defining as admiring ones completed work.

However, I had time to update my gallery. I was playing around in my photo library and noticed that for whatever reason, I had neglected to upload Chunk and Doogle’s birthday pictures, this years Halloween and Easter pictures, more Afghanistan pictures, my friend’s Dubai trip pictures, and Jade’s Swimming and Soccer pictures. I also posted pictures (mostly panoramics) of the first mountain snowfall here, only to bear witness to one of life’s quirky little ironies, a seeming endless high-altitude snowfall as I type these very words. I plan on waking up in the morning and snapping more shots to be posted within the next couple of days. Below are direct links to the new content. *Enjoy*

Easter 2008
Halloween 2008

<--Chunk and Doogle-->
Chunk’s Second Birthday
Doogle’s Fifth Birthday
Doogle’s Swimming Lessons
Doogle; Soccer Hooligan

Friend’s Trip to Dubai

Phoenix Panoramics
Phoenix Pictures

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