Me, Myself, and I

I don’t know if it is deterioration or materialization of the mind. I may never know. What I do know is that recently I spend more time conversing with myself than others. Every day I discuss topics of little to no value, merit, logic, or purpose. Gems like:

Me1: God, whoever or whatever that is, must have been an INTJ. Who else, after existing for eternity, would randomly decide to tackle a project as large as the creation of the universe and complete it in only seven days?

Me2: Only an INTJ would be pompous enough to liken themselves to God.

Me1: Fuck off.

Me2: I am going to go get a Chai Latte.

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  • So I suppose it’s somehow my fault that you’ve been degraded to a new point of uninterest since I left. Maybe if you didn’t work in a cave, people would say “Hi” more often.

    For those of you reading this and are a bit lost – my name is Justin and I used to hang with Shane and his crew in Afghanistan. I also used to bug Shane in his office during random times of the day where I’d open the door slowly and catch him staring blankly at his work computer monitor, cursing his personal laptop, spinning the power ball, (if you don’t know, you should really look into getting one), or my personal favorite…completely leaned back as far as those big black leather office chairs will allow with his face skyward/jaw open. Whether he was in fact asleep or lost in deep meditation, I’ll never know…

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