Rhode Island – Hand dryers and nail kits.

October 26th-27th.

I will start first with the rest of our visitation to Rhode Island, or as Doogle said “Boat Island”. After leaving the cafe we walked around Newport looking for some information pertaining to Mountain Biking. We found a few noteworthy places to ride however transportation and time were such that we decided to just strap our bikes to a bus and ride up to Providence. One thing I will say about Rhode Island which I presume now I can say for most of the northeast; they have an amazing public transportation system. We ended up riding the bus with our bikes mounted to a rack in front for about 50 minutes or 30 miles. The cost for each of us was only two dollars. Once we arrived in Providence it started raining so we quickly took shelter under an awning. I noticed a very large group of bikers in the park at town square adjacent to where we were dropped off. We walked over there to check out what was going on. All in all I would say there were about 75 bikers, mostly road riders together in Halloween outfits. They were a wonderful crowd. I was drawn in by them. They seemed to all know each other well. They were undoubtedly college kids, possible from the University of Providence. There were Mohawks, tattoos, beautiful, pixie looking girls, vintage clothing, and style everywhere. I immediately longed to have my college life back. Oh what I would do to be able to just grow a beard, a Mohawk and live spontaneously again.

We eventually shuffled on and again it started to rain so we found some shelter and took cover. There were a gentlemen and a lady passing out flyers there and a conversation ensued. They informed us that later on in the night a cherished annual event would take place in the heart of the city. He was hell bent on calling it an art festival and he kind of made a big deal about how awesome it would be. I kind of snickered when he was describing how cool it was that their city had live music up and down the festive little river in the middle of downtown where site seeing boats take tourists. He got a bit upset when I told him it was a smaller version of the river walk in San Antonio sans ridiculously good Mexican food.

We ended up at this restaurant called Joes, next to a very posh mall. That is another thing I must say about Rhode Island. It is a very wealthy state. As it became custom later in our trips I introduced myself to the hostess as Shanoh, and spoke a form of drunken Spanish to her. She asked where I was from and I responded Brazil. Even today I don’t know why I did that, I just know it was pretty damn funny watching my friend trying to keep a straight face. The food was great and we even had a descent conversation about life, liberty and the pursuit of non-crapiness. After we finished our meal the ‘art festival’ had started. It was a very nostalgic moment. The weather was cold and damp; fires were burning in floating fire pits all up and down the river as operatic music were playing loudly throughout the city. I realized right then and there, that I would only be happy living in a colder environment. I feel more charged on nights like that than any other time in my life. It was in fact a beautiful city.

After soaking in the scene for a while we snuck up into the mall and started walking around and gandering about. I went into the restroom and did my thing. After washing my hands I went to dry them. I noticed some futuristic looking device mounted on the wall and after studying holographic diagrams I figured out I needed to extend my hands outward, rotate my fingers down to the floor and line them up in the slots. My hands we blown dry in about 5 seconds. I mean dry. Dryer than a Quaker comedy show. Dry. Like a kid with Down Syndrome I decided to play with it again and again. 5 seconds each time. Bone dry each time. I swear I am amazed by the stupidest shit sometimes. While we were walking up stairs to check out what end up being an amazing store that sold vintage clothes and vinyl, we were intercepted by a young, hairy Israeli man trying to sell us a cuticle care kit. I couldn’t possibly make that up on my own. It was too good to be true. What a ridiculous scene. He of course served in the Israeli services as all young men there do. I also failed to mention he told us this after I boasted we were in the US Navy in some Navy Seal meats John Wayne voice. We felt a bit sheepish after he disclosed his background. Maybe it was because we felt like sheltered, mommas boys, or maybe because we felt like little girls after talking to him about his life and hardships. Who knows? For one reason or another we bought 3 cuticle care kits.

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