Awesome Storms

Beautiful Sky over Colorado Springs

Beautiful Sky over Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has experienced some pretty awesome storms in the last few weeks.  On June 6th I left work to head up the mountain and noticed dark skies to my southeast. They did not look particularly threatening so I just continued my drive home, did some work and cracked open a beer. After an hour or so the lighting in my cabin turned pink so I stepped outside to take a look and saw the scene to the left. It was beautiful. Crepuscular rays everywhere and the entire forest had a rose tint to it. I snapped a few pictures and enjoyed the 2 hours of rolling thunder crackling over the cabin.

The next morning on my drive to work I noticed all kinds of storm damage. Many trees had most of their leaves and small branches ripped from them from what had to of been an a formidable hail storm. I checked out the local news paper site and found the following user-submitted photos: Apparently the hail was so bad that many roads were closed the next morning because they needed to be plowed! I cannot say I have ever seen or heard that one before.

Mammatus clouds in CS Storm

Mammatus clouds in CS Storm

I had never seen mammatus clouds like that before. Simply amazing. Being a pick one (loser/dork/nerd/bored) I had to look up how mammatus (breast) clouds are formed. Apparently the specifics of the triggering mechanism are yet unknown. The one constant: “across the anvil cloud/sub-cloud air boundary there exist sharp gradients in temperature, moisture and momentum (wind shear), which strongly influence interactions therein.”

We had another smaller hail storm yesterday around lunch. It last about 15 minutes dropped about 1/2 inch of rain and covered the ground with pea to marble sized hail. I was able to snap a couple of pictures once I got up the mountain. Check them out here. There were mammatus clouds again, though not near as spectacular as last time.

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