Catching up

Day27: Saturday, 27 October, 2007 – 48 Days until I return to my family.

We began the day with an underway replenishment somewhere up in the northern Atlantic. I had heard rumors that we would soon be running into some weather. When we stepped out onto the weatherdeck the wind was very brisk and it was quite obvious that we were in for a storm. About 45 minutes into the unrep, the rain began to come down. At first it rained moderately, but after a few minutes it really began to poor. I estimated the wind during the squall to be at about 35-40 Knots topside. We are all unbelievably soaked, but it was very fun. Photos of the unrep are located here. I also posted a couple of cool unrep videos on our video gallery. One shows the emergency breakaway (when the music starts playing on the intercom) though I am afraid to say at half our normal speed. Check them out here. Alas I remembered to post the images from our first underway replenishment and Maine sail away. The are located at First underway replenishment and Sailaway respectively.

Today we are in Rhode Island looking for a good singletrack mountain bike trail/range. We snapped some shots of our short journey and hope to have many more interesting pictures by tomorrow. Todays photos are posted here.

For all of you mustache fans I have posted some images of me being retarded on the boat. The mustache brings out a new 80’s, pop, porn- star personality in me. Check em.

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