Lots of things going on. I feel like I am standing, feet buried, ankle deep in wet sand, with a 500 ft Tidal wave coming at me at the speed of sound.

I received my award for serving in Afghanistan shortly before I left to go play volleyball. It is my first official award and it is substantial. My medal and ribbon rack is nice and stacked now so I can walk around in my uniforms now with a little pride.

I left a couple of weeks ago to play volleyball for the Navy. Officially this is the first time I had to “try-out” for a position. For whatever reason I left a big shit on the court the first few days. Honestly it was very embarrassing. I cannot recall ever playing so bad. I am still playing sub-par but I have improved significantly. Volleyball has always been something I was never nervous about since I was typically one of the top two players on the court at any competition. Here, I am nervous. It may be because of what is at stake, this being my last opportunity to play for the Navy team before getting out, or perhaps because it may be my last opportunity to play competitively with ankle surgery possibly on the horizon. Presently I am aiming to make the team, and contribute at the All-Armed Services Tournament. I am am able to do so I may be selected to represent the US Armed Services Team in Rio De Janero. Obviously that would be unreal. Presently I am Jacksonville, FL for camp. There is a very interesting group dynamic in that we seem to have all extraverts sans me, so it is a bit hard to keep up with everyone’s group-happy itineraries. Today we have an absurd amount of rain and wind. It was almost like being in the middle of a tropical storm. I even forced myself to walk out against the wind to get some videos of the waves crashing in and the sand flying around. I cannot recall the last time I saw rain. It had been months at least.

I really have to start getting super aggressive with job searching. I have made a goal of applying for 25 positions weekly. I am targeting Colorado Springs, Portland, Brunswick, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, and (other) parts of Tennessee, Washington, New Mexico and Alaska. The idea of changing everything in my life in the next few months is a bit nerve racking. A new job, hours, location, etc. Who knows what lies ahead?

The stock market has been very friendly recently. I was able to put away a descent amount of money while I was over in Afghanistan, and in returned have netted an average of 30% on all tickers I have owned for more than a month. The others are also on their way up. I still wish I had more to invest but what’s a guy to do. A day isn’t a day without me checking up on my money. I can see how so many people tend to micromanage their investments.

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